Ooh Media is a long standing Out of Home Advertising company based out of Spokane, WA. We serve the Inland Northwest with more than 20 yrs of Outdoor and Transit/Vehicle advertising expertise. We pride ourselves in offering the most effective form of advertising at the lowest possible price while providing the best service period. We have outstanding relationships with our clients and offer flexibility with a wide range of terms and options to fit clients needs, goals and budget.

Our Trucks
Our Mobile Billboard trucks are the largest in the industry. Each side is an actual billboard-sized panel from the same manufacturer that billboard companies use. The large 10’h x 22″w sides are even more impactful on the streets rather than 50′ up in the air off the side of the road. Yes, our truck side ads are also illuminated. Our trucks also have a third face to advertise, the rear panel of the truck 10’h x 30″w.

Proof Of Performance/ GPS Tracking
Nothing is more important than getting the most exposure of your advertisement at the most efficient pricing. By being able to target specifically where you want to be rather than have your message put in an area that doesn’t target your market, we can give you the most cost-effective medium with the greatest recall rate.

We equip our vehicles with GPS tracking. This enables us to provide our clients with time efficient proof of performance. We provide detailed reports of your truck’s location at any given point of the day as well as provide photos of before during and after the campaign so you know your ads are out working for you.

Rates/ Terms:
Unlike long-term commitment from billboards and other forms of media. We can carry ANY Length of contract from one day to 1 month. We can create cost-efficient packages that put your highly visible ads on the roads one day or one week a month over a period of time to lessen your per day cost and still create a huge impact for your business,  event,  show or campaign. Since rates can depend on the length of the agreement,  please contact us directly for a quote. We will do everything we can to provide you with the best fit for you.